06.29.18The Advocate Sessions

Check out Asia's acoustic set and interview for The Valley Advocate Session.

12.27.15"Music Arts Monthly" December '15 feature

"hauntingly beautiful and captures you with every note"

12.27.15"Jammerzine" feature

Featuring "Regrets" as the daily track and feature

12.21.15"Musings from Boston" Review of "Trauma and Solace"

"Stylistically, it’s all over the place, from chamber music to a sort of experimental jazz to a shuffling blues-rock to minimalist classical, and it’s done in such a seamless way that you hardly notice the drifting in and out of genres. The songs become these individual character pieces, like moody children, and the EP is a constantly changing kaleidoscope of perfectly constructed musical tapestries."

01.05.15Asia Meirovich Wins 25th Ben Steinberg Young Composer’s Award

"Asia Meirovich, a 31-year old composer, singer/songwriter, and pianist, has won the Guild of Temple Musician’s Ben Steinberg Young Composer’s Award for 2015. Ms. Meirovich, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music and the University of Massachusettes, Amherst, won for her choral composition of “Ahavat Nafshi “(him whom my soul loves), the third movement in a larger piece, “Al Ahava VeAfar" (on love and dust). Ms. Meirovich receives a $1,500 cash prize and will have her composition premiered at the ACC/GTM Convention taking place this year in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, June 28-July 2. "

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06.03.12The Noise - "introverse" review

"asia mei covers a broad range of styles and moods... enjoy her sense of melody, introspective lyrics and bombastic sense of style and arrangement..."

06.02.12The Valley Advocate - "introverse" review

"...Her lyrics are simple and emotive, little verses of poetry set to accompany a beautiful backdrop of piano and string arrangements"

10.28.11music arts monthly feature

10.06.11"the delete bin" review

09.20.11"voices to hear" feature

08.22.11AICF artist of the week feature

America-Israel Cultural Foundation artist of the week feature and interview

06.20.11Philadelphia show review - patch.com

"Mei plays a moody piano offset with her dramatic voice. Her songs are simple and passionate. The lyrics are tiny vignettes of emotions."

02.17.11"Rocking the Yellow Sofa"

A "Daily Hampshire Gazette" and "Amherst Bulletin" feature

12.05.10The Examiner - Annie Gallup's "Weather"

A short and sweet review of Annie Gallup's "Weather". Asia is mentioned as the album's string arranger.

10.25.10Daily Hampshire Gazette - 10.25.10

10.10.10Various Reviews and Testimonials:

"Asia's stunning arrangement of Sleepy People was precisely what the song needed: beautiful. Highly recommended."
- John Wesley Harding, recording artist

" Asia in an accomplished string arranger, musician and Protools editor. She has been part of the production team at Fifty Fifty Music for the last two years and has shown herself to be reliable and talented."
- David Seitz, record producer and engineer (Jeff Buckley, Dar Williams)

"I've received many submissions over the years, but this is among the best. The vocals and piano chops attack with a passion that is rarely seen. The tone and production are both outstanding as well. A+ across the board"
- Eugene Foley of Foley Entertainment Inc

" "Shards" is a testament of the power of Asia Mei to control her music and show her kaleidoscopic musical ability"
- Farmhouse Magazine

"Asia Mei is doing some interesting stuff"
- Metronome magazine

" "Shards" is beautifully well done and impressive"
- Berman Brothers, Grammy winning producers (Hanson, Buena Vista Social Club)

"mature beyond her years"
- Tony Porter, Engineer on "Shards"

07.12.10Feature on "Shalom TV"

the song "The Forgotten One" written about Gilad Shalit was featured as part of a live broadcast from the "Isramerica" showcase at City Winery in New York.

02.11.10Feature and interview in Junior's Cave magazine

01.29.10"Isramerica" feature in "Yediot Achronot America"

"Isramerica" gets a feature in the Hebrew language "Yediot Achronot America" paper.

01.26.10Short and Sweet NYC daily download

"a bus to sunshine" is short and sweet nyc's daily download

01.22.10Feature and interview "Yediot Achronot America"

A feature and interview in the Hebrew print North American chapter of "Yediot Achronot" in the "na lehakir" (get to know) section.

01.14.10Radio interview @ Radio Kol HaShalom NYC

The cast of Isramerica gives an interview in New York City's Israeli radio, 88.7FM

12.23.09"Asia Mei - May I?" Blog Feature @ The Adventure of Sivan in the City

03.10.09LA Times Review of John Wesley Harding's "Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead"

on "sleepy people", strings arranged by Asia Mei:
"...gentle reproach... is hinged on a drowsy suite of strings, the softest pillow to deliver his envy..."

11.09.07Spotlight and Interview in Juniors Cave